“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” This famous quote by Picasso has a lot of merit. Why do we lessen or even forego creativity on our list of priorities as we grow older? And once we become parents it can be relegated even further down in importance until we may even lose this core part of our identity.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. What if we can capture the joy of what we loved doing as children, and make this an integral focus of our lives?

Enter Mama Creatives. Here is a quote from a recent article in which we were interviewed for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers about our community,
“Mums are known for their self-sacrifice and guilt—and it’s this stereotype that (Anna Kellerman) decided to take on with her venture, Mama Creatives. Touted as ‘TED talks for mums’, it’s a group of women who want connection, creativity and/or a career to be part of their lives, even (or, perhaps, especially) after starting a family.”

What we have in common is that we all have a story, and sharing this is courageous. We embrace discomfort and vulnerability because this is raw and authentic and makes us who we are. Being creative we have the advantage for self expression, so the role the creative process plays in overcoming our adversity is vital and life affirming. It’s not about feeling guilty but learning how to reconnect with what it is that makes us feel whole.

Susie Dureau, a practicing artist who lost her first full term child three hours after she was born, shared her story at a Mama Creatives evening event. She said that ‘being an artist and a creative person was as much of a biological drive, as being a mother’.

Mama Creatives provides a safe and nurturing platform that gives creative mothers the spotlight to share their stories. It’s not about discussing over generalisations relating to mother guilt, or weighing up the pros and cons of the work/life juggle. We elevate the conversation to discuss poignant themes through our inspiring, practical and diverse series of evening talks, masterclasses, expert panels and creative workshops, to reveal that although it can be challenging, living a creative life whilst being a mother is possible. It is not about an ‘either/or’ attitude but one which includes ‘and/both’.

Below is our first look video showcasing some of the amazing talks we have hosted. All of these will be available in full when you become a Red Hot Mama member. If you would like to know more about our new online membership plus all the extra benefits, please contact us directly, we’d love to hear from you.