So it’s the end of the year, which can be a combination of calm holiday and time out, frenzied finishing off tasks and socialising or a lonely time. Personally it’s been a bit of everything as I declutter our place ready to start the new school and work year as well as time out with my family and catching up with friends.

It’s also been a bit confronting as I have been helping my 80 year old mother clean out her home of 37 years and transition into a retirement home. This was always going to be a challenging task since my mother is a hoarder and finds change very difficult. She is now facing a future in a new place away from everything that is familiar to her. Although she does now need assisted care and will be in a more social setting it is extremely emotional for her. I am both acknowledging her feelings and also trying to focus her on her benefits of what her new life will offer. This has also been very difficult to watch as I see my mother more fragile and sad, something that is at odds with what we expect of our parents. I am now her guide and strength, but also need to balance this with being a respectful daughter as I take charge throwing out and giving away her possessions of a lifetime. My usually vibrant mother has lost her sparkle and it just makes me realise life is so precious, as ultimately we will age, perhaps lose our independence and then die.


Something that remains innate to our character, no matter our age, is our ability to create. Young children are naturally creative and expressive, and so are older people. I remember when I first started working as an art therapist I ran mini art classes with elderly women suffering from Alzheimer’s. We spent many weeks making collages from images cut from old magazines which they brought to life with their own mark making and drawing. They loved this creative process as they felt safe and relaxed, and were able to share memories from their childhood.

Recently my seven year old daughter was given some sunflower seeds which she planted in cotton wool. They have started to sprout, shooting up more each day until we planted one in a pot with soil. It almost seems like magic, but she has been caring for it by checking on it and watering it every day. It’s hard to know if it will grow into a sunflower but she is trying and learning the various stages involved in this process.


However, I don’t believe we can all change magically overnight or because a new year is approaching. It takes time, consistency and an end goal to strive towards. What are your creative goals for next year? This can be something small like creating daily quick 5 minute sketches, 10 minutes writing in a journal or a bigger achievement over time. If you find this gets a little challenging along the way then finding other creative people can be just the support you need. Mama Creatives is all about nurturing your creative spirit and passion so you can flourish as a creative mama.

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I would like to wish that over the next year, with love and care you will enjoy good health, joy and the confidence to step into your creative self. And if you need some extra TLC please let at least one person know. There is only courage in being bold, brave and asking for support. Remember the Mama Creatives community is here for you, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy new year.