Earlier this year we had a great time filming a 4 part video series for Hydrocryl Paints featuring Mama Creatives facilitator, artist and art educator Yaeli Ohana.

In this video series, Yaeli demonstrates various painting techniques using Hydrocryl Paints, Australia’s finest artist quality acrylic paints.

Intuitive Painting. Here Yaeli uses the basic colour range of Hydrocryl paints, and we see the vibrant colours pop on canvas.

Painting with an Earth Colour Palette. Yaeli uses the aboriginal colour range of Hydrocryl paints that mimic the subtle combinations of colours found in nature.

In this last video you can learn all about paint mediums.

For Yaeli, mixing colours is an adventure and is about exploring the unknown. So trust your instincts, enjoy the process and have fun painting.

Filmed by Yannis Nikolakopoulos (creative dad), from Ikonfilm.com.au. More details, amazing paints and inspiration on the Hydrocryl website.